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First time herbal oil massage therapy consultation? Come see what we can do to assist you in determining and demonstrating which herbal and/or essential oil(s) would be most beneficial in assisting with alleviating pain, stiffness or soreness that you may be currently experiencing when massaged into the areas of concern.

Relief is one click away!

SubHerban Wellness Apothecary

with Tonya Garcia LMT & Herbalist

Our growing apothecary includes a variety of herbs, herb infused products and essential oils curated to assist you in your efforts to relax, rewind and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.  

Whether you are looking to ground and center, deeply soothe your nerves or ease pain in aching muscles, our apothecary is for you. 


Botanical oils are often called carrier oils for their ability to "carry" medicinal herbs and/or essential oils to your skin safely, for amazing benefits. However, they each have medicinal & energetic properties that are helpful on their own and as unique as the plants they derive from. We work with these botanical oils at SubHerban Wellness to create just the perfect botanical oil blend for each client. We may find a single carrier oil, a blend of herbal and/or essential oils or one of the herb-infused oils alone is the best option for the client's current situation. Your custom botanical oil blend is included in every session. 


Aromatherapy is the inhalation or application of fragrant essential oils for therapeutic purposes or to enhance your well being. We carry a variety of single, seasonal & therapeutic blends. Once we have chosen the right essential oils for you, they will be safely added to your custom botanical blend.

How It Works


We will begin with a short consultation to determine which oil or oil blend would be most beneficial in assisting in alleviating any current unwanted physical distress. Following consult, I will use therapeutic massage techniques for a hands-on application of your custom blend of medicinal grade herbal and essential oil(s) selected for your session and you will leave with any unused portion with instructions for at-home use.


My goal is to have a seasonal menu that highlights the most popular and in-season herbal offerings throughout the year. In the future, I hope to incorporate some of my favorite herbs and essential oils into bath salts and sugar & salt scrubs. You will also be able to request them as an added service to your session.

herbal oil massage therapy
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