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About Me

Massage Therapist and Herbalist

My Story

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Hello! My name is Tonya Garcia. In addition to being an herbalist and licensed massage therapist, I am a happily married mother of three beautiful children and three rescue pups. I love to learn and experience life to the fullest through gardening & projects around our home, lazy weekends, cooking a comfort meal & watching a good movie, exploring new adventures while traveling across the globe or just being fully present in the current moment. Life is fascinating and I am so grateful for every moment I get to experience it with the ones I love.

Now, as far as SubHerban Wellness and how it came to be...well, this is how: Thanks to my nanny (my maternal grandmother) and her love of massage, I discovered that I had a natural talent as a healer at a very young age. However, no matter how many times she tried to convince me to attend massage school over the years, it never seemed like the right time due to my various life situations. After many years of oscillating between working in a corporate setting and being a stay-at-home mom, I was honored to be asked by a long time friend if I might consider going to school and working in her private massage practice as a therapist. Finally the timing was right, so I agreed and dove in head first.

It's while working in that practice, through my friend's shared teachings, attending many continuing education classes, constant independent research, and the actual hands-on client experience that I was able to hone my skills and gain the confidence I needed to finally pursue my dream of working for myself. I am eternally grateful to my friend for allowing me the space to experience what I had been missing before then. With these experiences and my years of herbal studies now in my therapeutic toolbox, I was finally ready to follow my true passion of providing healing therapies to others through herbalism but now from a massage therapist's approach.

I have since learned how to blend the two therapies I love into something I call my Signature Herbal Oil Massage Therapy. With this, I am able to provide healing in a new way, as an expression of my herbalist and massage therapist journeys combined and help others to receive the amazing benefits.

And as I continue to grow my therapeutic toolbox through my continued herbalism, massage and wellness studies, I am looking forward to being able to offer even more benefits to my clients in the near future and beyond.

My goal as an herbal wellness & massage therapist is to use my education and abilities to help my clients be able to live more comfortably in their bodies every day. Looking forward to serving you soon!

Memberships and Organization Affiliations

  • Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

  • American Botanical Council

  • American Herbalist's  Guild

  • Society of Herbalists & Holistic Healers

Licenses and Certifications

  • Greater DFW International Massage Academy - Massage Therapist License

  • Postgraduate Institute of Medicine - Healthcare CPR/APE and First Aid Certification

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